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Transparent Style for XP


Black XP Theme

DownLoad url:Black XP Theme

Blue Twit XP Theme

DownLoad url:Blue Twit XP Theme

Space for XP Themes

DownLoad url:Space for XP

Black Style for XP Theme

DownLoad url:Black Style for XP

2011 Apple Style for XP


Simple Theme for XP

DownLoad url:Simple Theme for XP

XP Themes / Baltimore

XP Themes / Darkside theme

XP Themes / Svart VS

XP Themes / SenapVS

XP Themes / Aero Ruby

xBox Skin - Windows Blinds

 Download: Click here

Description: The superb windows blind, it's not exactly the xbox theme. Amazing colors. Start button & it's logo is different from others. System tray is flat. Folder windows background has great effects. It should work on XP, Vista and windows 7.

Author Comments: This is sort of a pre-release for the skin I've been working on for the past week. This is a WINDOWBLINDS skin. You must have Stardock's WindowBlinds program to use it.

XP Themes / XP Packed

XP Themes / [msstyle]Splitfire

XP Themes / Sandwich Blue Mod

XP Themes / Drty

XP Themes / Baltimore

XP Themes / Zune-Usmanistan

XP Themes / VistaVG Blue Refresh Theme for Windows XP

Download file

After a long period, I'm very excited to announce my new theme "VistaVG Blue Refresh" for Windows XP which is an update over my previous theme "VistaVG Blue":

VistaVG Blue for Windows XP: -
Vista Blue for Windows Vista: - Many people liked this theme and that's why I decided to update this theme.

There are 2 versions in this theme as usual:

Blue32 (for 32x icon size)
Blue48 (for 48x icon size)